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Updated: May 3, 2017

Dear Partners,

It is an honor to have the opportunity to collaborate with your organizations. We hope the following information will be helpful to you in publicizing our joint programs.

About the Center

Corporate Name 
  • The Religious Freedom Center of the Newseum Institute

The Religious Freedom Center of the Newseum Institute is a nonpartisan national initiative focused on educating the American public about the religious liberty principles of the First Amendment. We envision a world committed to religious freedom as an inalienable right for all people. In carrying out this vision, our mission is to educate the public about the history, meaning and significance of religious freedom and to promote dialogue and understanding among people of all religions and none.


The Religious Freedom Center of the Newseum Institute was reorganized in 2010 to expand on religious liberty initiatives begun by the First Amendment Center in 1994.

Mission & Vision
Convening Capacity

The Religious Freedom Center is the home to the Committee on Religious Liberty, a 50-year-old organization founded by the National Council of Churches. It is currently comprised of religious and civil liberties leaders representing a broad spectrum of religious and ideological perspectives.

Social Media

Branding guide

  • Before using our logos in print or online, please download and study the Branding Guide to learn about the specifications.
  • Please seek our approval before using our logos in print advertisements (e.g., magazines, conference booklets, newspapers).
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Admissions and Recruitment material

Approved Photos
Promotional Videos
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Would you like any of the above flyers and/or posters mailed to you? Please send your request to director of recruitment and admissions Sabrina E. Dent. Include the name and quantity of the materials and proposed arrival date.

Press Releases


Links for Prospective students
Links for Current Students

Purpose-restricted grants

For accrediting purposes, the Religious Freedom Center does not accept dollar-to-dollar reimbursements for educational programs. A reimbursement is defined as a payment of goods and services used to compensate a Newseum vendor in a specific fiscal year (e.g., labor, food/beverage, linens). The Religious Freedom Center accepts “purpose-restricted grants,” defined as a gift used for a designated educational purpose during a specific timeframe (e.g., “This gift has a purpose restriction and will be used in the 2017 and 2018 fiscal years to support the Religious Freedom Center’s programming”). This policy ensures that the center will not inadvertently engage in for-profit activities with Newseum vendors or create a conflict of interest with external partners. This procedure is designed to preserve the nonpartisan, nonprofit nature of the center’s educational mission.