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Welcome to the private archive page of the Public Scholars Project, a joint initiative of the American Academy of Religion and the Religious Freedom Center of the Newseum Institute. This page is designed to archive the seminars and resources that equip scholars of religion to effectively communicate in the public sphere and foster religious literacy.

Scholar as Activist, Commentator, Specialist

Friday, Nov. 18, 2016



Join members of the American Academy of Religion’s Committee on the Public Understanding of Religion for a discussion about the various ways scholars of religion use media to communicate to the public about religious studies. In this episode, participants consider the opportunities, responsibilities, and challenges of being a “public scholar” at different stages and locations in one’s career. During this webinar, we will feature the work of Nichole M. Flores, Assistant Professor of Religious Studies, University of Virginia. Dr. Flores speaks, writes and teaches about the significance of Catholic ethics in plural social, political, and ecclesial contexts. Her research emphasizes the contributions of Catholic and U.S. Latino/a theologies to notions of justice, emotion, and aesthetics as they relate to the common good within plural socio-political contexts.

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