Meeting Tips

All: Choose Your Role

There are four roles to play in each meeting: facilitator and three presenters. Presenter #1 is responsible for setting the theme and date/time of each 2-hour meeting. Presenters #2 and #3 can join that session if their research falls within that general theme or if they have a timely topic they would like to discuss. All presenters may prepare an informal or formal talk on a topic of their choice. This can be based on a research topic (e.g., teacher training, religious literacy) or a general topic of interest (e.g., publishing, job searches).

Presenter #1: Choose Your Time

It is recommended that Presenter #1 choose between one of following three times to host the 2-hour meeting. Please note that a majority of members live in the Eastern time zone, however, many others reside on the West Coast of the United States and in Europe.

  • Option 1 (for US-based themes): 3 pm PST / 4 pm MTS 5 pm CST / 6 pm EST / 11 pm London / 12 am Berlin
  • Option 2 (for international themes): 9 am PST / 10 am MST / 11 am CST / 12 pm EST / 5 pm London / 6 pm Berlin
  • Option 3 (another alternative): 12 noon PST / 1 pm MST / 2 pm CST / 3 pm EST / 8 pm London / 9 pm Berlin
Facilitators: Run Your Meeting

We ask that all members choose at least one time where they will facilitate a video meeting. Here are the proposed action items to consider when playing the role of a facilitator for the collaborative:

  • Four weeks before the meeting, please confirm presenters’ participation.
  • Two weeks before: send a calendar invitation to the entire collaborative so that members can RSVP.
  • Day of meeting: test Zoom video conferencing software
    • Zoom room:
    • Email:
    • Case-sensitive password: Collaborative
    • Meeting ID: 202-292-6447
  • Fifteen minutes before the meeting: Log into Zoom and welcome members.
  • During the meeting: Introduce presenters; serve as the timekeeper; facilitate closing discussion during the “open forum”; and then end the session with a brief confirmation of the upcoming meeting.

Sample Agenda:

  • Check-in: 15-minutes for members to update one another about their research and lives
  • Presenter #1: 10-minute presentation, followed by 15-minute discussion
  • Presenter #2: 10-minute presentation, followed by 15-minute discussion
  • Presenter #3: 10-minute presentation, followed by 15-minute discussion
  • Open Forum: 15-minutes for open-ended discussion
  • Adjourn meeting and remind members of time/date/theme of next meeting