America to Zanzibar: Muslim Cultures Near and Far

On February 13th, “America to Zanzibar: Muslim Cultures Near and Far” opens at the Children’s Museum of Manhattan. It’s the country’s first educational, fun and interactive exhibit for children and families that celebrates the diversity of Muslim cultures in NYC, the US and across the globe.

Children can explore ancient trade routes on a two story Indian Ocean dhow (boat) or on a camel. They’ll thrill to the excitement of a global market place as they pretend to buy, sell and trade fruit, fish, spice, ceramic, textiles, and rugs. The exhibit environment is rich with art, architecture and design elements from across the globe. Children and adults alike will marvel at a 3D exploration of mosque architecture from Michigan to China. Original works by emerging American Muslim artists join traditional art forms including intricately designed tiles, ornate ceramics, and complex patterned rugs. There’s even an interactive replica/interpretation of a Pakistani truck, recognized as a “moving work of art” for children to decorate.


In this photo, a museum educator helps children use a special app to learn how to write and say “My name is.” in one of 21 languages spoken by New York Muslims. The exhibit will be at the museum through February 2017. Visit America to Zanzibar’s Facebook event page.

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