A First Amendment Framework for Effective Dialogue in the Classroom


As many Americans are preparing for their children to return to school review a constitutional framework that teaches students how to enter effective dialogue with their peers and understand their differences without fear or derision.
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Faith, freedom in action in troubled times – like now


Faith-in-action in times of trouble is nothing new in America. It is at least as old as the First Amendment that supports it.
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The Two Big G’s – God and Government


As communities around the world scramble to address the ongoing health, financial and social concerns brought on by this COVID-19 pandemic, it is important that we continue to stand on the principles of religious freedom enshrined in the First Amendment.
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Lifting Every Voice in Religious Freedom

First Five Voices Feature

It is important to explore religious freedom through the lens of African American perspectives because we must lift every voice that has been impacted by religious discrimination and bigotry.
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Contributions of African Americans Often Have Been Minimized or Overlooked in U.S. History — Including in the Observance of Memorial Day

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Memorials have been significant milestones in the healing of our nation. But nothing replaces the deeper personal work of examining unconscious bias and prejudice.
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Lessons from Brooklyn

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To have equity for people of all religions and none, we must guarantee fair treatment, access, opportunity and advancement for all — not just for the people who look like us and believe the same things we do.
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Kristen Farrington Represents Religious Freedom Center as a First Five Columnist

Farrington’s contributions will focus on contemporary religious literacy topics and larger implications for safeguarding the First Amendment right to religious freedom.
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In the Religious Liberty World, Dialogue is not Fluffy — It is Essential

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Surely we Americans have learned to live together despite our deepest differences! The reality is that, no, we haven’t.
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