Educating Leaders

Religious Liberty Education

The Religious Freedom Center at the Freedom Forum Institute offers onsite and online classes that prepare religious leaders, educators and journalists for effective and principled leadership in a religiously diverse society. Students may enroll in classes for graduate and continuing education credit may and also receive certificates in Religion and Public Life; Religion and Education Law; and Religion and the News.

Religious Leadership

Classes for Religious Leaders

Emerging and established religious leaders are exposed to a variety of constitutional and human rights frameworks to examine rule of law approaches to religion and public life. The religious diversity of the participants will aid the instructors in simulating private forums for religious leaders to practice the guiding principles for civic life.

Courses for religious leaders

Religion & Education

Religion & Education Classes

The Religion & Education curriculum exposes teachers and school administrators to contemporary religious freedom issues found in public, charter, private, parochial, and home schools. Courses will also explore the legal rights and boundaries of the students and teachers’ religious expression in public schools.

Courses for educators


Religion Newswriting Courses

Emerging and established journalists are exposed to a wide range of contemporary religious topics that cut across a diversity of religious traditions. In partnership with leaders in the Religion Newswriters Association, these courses prepare journalists with best practices in reporting on religion.

Courses for Journalists



NewseumED leverages the museum’s content to provide onsite classes on media literacy, civics, and history for students, grades 3-college, who purchased tickets to the Newseum. Professional development opportunities are available for teachers as well as training for corporate, government and international agencies. NewseumED programs impact more than 2 million students each year.