Newly Developed Executive Seminars and Trainings Help Companies Embrace Religious Diversity and Inclusion

The Religious Freedom Center of the Freedom Forum Institute, in collaboration with the Religious Freedom & Business Foundation, has developed a set of executive seminars and trainings that aim to educate business leaders about the significance of religious diversity, religious inclusion, and religious liberty in business and how those issues impact the bottom line.

“Businesses today thrive when they cultivate inclusive workplaces and hire employees with diverse backgrounds and life experiences,” said Kristen Looney, director of the Religious Freedom Center. “Religious diversity is often undervalued in the workplace. Our goal is to equip business leaders with the knowledge, skills and competence to create inclusive policies in the workplace and to help nurture a work culture where religious diversity is respected.”

The full- and half-day seminars are tailored for middle management executives who want to better understand how religious diversity and inclusion enhance the workplace. Developed by an expert faculty, participants will learn how religious diversity, religious inclusion and religious liberty   positively contribute to business strategy, talent retention and economic growth. Additionally, participants will receive strategies for helping their businesses navigate religious diversity in the workplace by developing policies that respect employees’ religious needs.

The executive seminars and trainings are divided into four main tracks: (1) making a case for change in the workplace, (2) setting accommodation policies and practices, (3) safeguarding non-discrimination policies and navigating tricky issues, and (4) catalyzing action through employee and corporate engagement. Seminars can also be customized to address the needs of specific businesses and workplace cultures.

The faculty is made of up business and religious liberty experts including Kristen Looney, director of the Religious Freedom Center; Ben Marcus, religious literacy specialist; Paul Lambert, executive business consultant; and Brian Grim, senior fellow for religious freedom and founding president of the Religious Freedom & Business Foundation.

For more information about the executive seminars or to schedule your training, please contact Paul Lambert.

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