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Religious protections in the midst of a pandemic: Two key arguments


We can expect several more rulings soon in multiple pending cases before the court, all of them turning on one (or both) of two arguments: (1) general applicability; (2) hybrid rights.
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A First Amendment Framework for Effective Dialogue in the Classroom


As many Americans are preparing for their children to return to school review a constitutional framework that teaches students how to enter effective dialogue with their peers and understand their differences without fear or derision.
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The Next Battle Against Government Funding in Religious Schools?


An explanation on the legal and legislative strategies that might be used to oppose indirect government funding for private religious schools following two recent U.S. Supreme Court decisions.
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The First Amendment, Black Liberation and You


Americans today who cherish and exercise their First Amendment rights without fear of state intrusion owe a debt of gratitude to the 14th Amendment — and by extension to the struggle for Black liberation.
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The politics of religious freedom – COVID-19 edition


Religious freedom — specifically, who gets it and how we define it — in recent years has been a hot topic in the U.S., and it continues to be in the midst of a global pandemic.
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Religious Freedom in the Time of COVID-19


Some churches agree that governments have power to restrict religious freedom during a global pandemic, but they’ve pushed for clarity and precision in the governments’ approach.
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You Might Have the Right to Gather, But You Can Choose Otherwise


You might have the right to gather in person with your religious community during an uncontrolled pandemic, but you also have the freedom to act in the interest of our country as a whole. Exercise your rights responsibly.
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Faith, freedom in action in troubled times – like now


Faith-in-action in times of trouble is nothing new in America. It is at least as old as the First Amendment that supports it.
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The Two Big G’s – God and Government


As communities around the world scramble to address the ongoing health, financial and social concerns brought on by this COVID-19 pandemic, it is important that we continue to stand on the principles of religious freedom enshrined in the First Amendment.
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Conditions of Possibility for Religious Freedom

First Five 3.5.20 Feature

Americans agree that freedom of religion or belief is a fundamental right, and as Americans, we should urge the government to do everything it can to create the conditions that make it possible for people of all religions and none to exercise that fundamental right.
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