“By bringing religious diversity fully into corporate Diversity and Inclusion efforts, companies will be in a better position to more holistically address the needs of all employees.”

— Michael Bodson, president and CEO of DTCC

The Challenge

Within the business community, many leaders receive little to no education about the significance of religious liberty, religious diversity, and religious inclusion in business and how it impacts the bottom line. As a result, many fail to build strategies, practices and protocols that reflect appropriate religious understanding, accommodations, HR policies. This can result in significant costs and losses, ranging from missed market opportunities, lower employee morale and retention to lawsuits and litigation.

The Solution

Through our Executive Seminars & Training offerings, developed by our expert faculty, participants will learn the value that religious liberty, religious diversity, and religious inclusion play in business strategy, corporate policy, and economic growth. Additionally, participants will receive strategies for helping their businesses navigate religious freedom in the workplace and gain an appreciation for employees’ religious needs.

Our Faculty

The Religious Freedom Center faculty is made up of expert practitioners and academics experienced in delivering education programs to CEOs and government leaders from around the world.

  • Paul Lambert, executive business consultant, Religious Freedom Center
  • Brian Grim, senior fellow for religious freedom, Religious Freedom Center president, Religious Freedom and Business Foundation

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