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Custom Seminars: Zeroing in on Your Company’s Issues

Each company has a unique position in the marketplace and made up of a uniquely diverse workforce. To best meet the specific needs of each company or organization, we offer tailored program design to help you achieve market success and develop an environment of Religious Diversity & Inclusion (RD&I). One our faculty will work with you to ensure the training curriculum is reflective of your specific circumstances and context.

Knowledge: Case for Change, a Business Imperative

Demographers project that the world’s religiously affiliated population will outgrow the religiously unaffiliated population by a factor of 23-to-1. This means that religion will be increasingly important for employees and potential customers in the global marketplace. How is your company positioning itself for success?

Skill Set A: Best Accommodation Policies and Practices

36% of American workers have experienced or witnessed workplace discrimination or non-accommodation according to Tanenbaum, leading to low morale and retention. How is your organization responding to this trend?

Skill Set B: Non-discrimination and Navigating Tricky Issues

Complaints of workplace religious discrimination to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission were twice as high as complaints based on sexual orientation. How can an organization avoid discrimination in both areas?

Action: Employee and Company Engagement

CEOs around the world are signing and implementing the Corporate Pledge on Freedom of Religion or Belief (FoRB), signaling to the marketplace and potential employees their commitment to diversity and inclusion. In addition to the FoRB Pledge, find out what other other employee tools are available for your organization.




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