Community-based Workshops

The Religious Freedom Center of the Freedom Forum Institute is committed to promoting dialogue and understanding among people of all religions and none. Unfortunately, many citizens receive little or no civic education about the religious liberty clauses of the First Amendment, with the result that they are misled about the constitutional role of religion in public life, confused about the meaning of church-state separation, and uncertain about the limits of the free exercise of religion.

To address this gap in understanding, the Religious Freedom Center seeks to partner with your religious community or organization to offer community-based workshops. The goal of these workshops is to empower people of diverse faiths — and none — with knowledge and skills in the areas of religious liberty, religious literacy, and civil dialogue.

The workshops will be coordinated with faith communities and organizations who want to respond constructively to day-to-day issues that challenge their First Amendment rights. Our team looks forward to working with you to customize a workshop that meets the needs of your community. We are able to offer weekday evening, half-day, or full-day workshops in your local area.

If your faith community or organization is interested in hosting a workshop with us, please contact Blair Forlaw at [email protected].

Menu of Sample Workshops
  • Religious Freedom – History and Contemporary Public Life
  • The American Religious Landscape – Exploring the dramatic changes in the last few decades
  • Religious Literacy – Understanding the Different Faith Groups in Your Community
  • Exploring Religious Identity and Race Through Civil Dialogue
  • Civil Dialogue – Train-the-Trainer Workshops