Religious Freedom Center Receives $500,000 Pledge

Klingenstein, RFC

The Andrew and Julie Klingenstein Family Fund has made a $500,000 pledge to support the work of the Institute’s Religious Freedom Center.

The Freedom Forum Institute is pleased to announce that the Andrew and Julie Klingenstein Family Fund has made a $500,000 pledge to support the work of the Institute’s Religious Freedom Center. This support will help further the Center’s critical work to educate the public about the religious liberty principles of the First Amendment, and to promote civil dialogue and understanding among people of all faiths and none.

Andy and Julie Klingenstein have supported the Center’s work on behalf of religious freedom since 2009. An education philanthropist and private investor, Andy Klingenstein leads or co-leads four family foundations, including two with interests in independent and public education. Julie and Andy are active members of the D.C. public education reform community.

“At its core, the Religious Freedom Center helps teach leaders of our communities, and the public, about the meaning of the First Amendment to ensure that religious liberty continues to flourish in our country,” said Andy Klingenstein. “While the Center will always have an important place, its work is needed now more than ever during these times when our country is badly fractured.”

Founding Director of the Religious Freedom Center Charles Haynes commented, “Andy and Julie Klingenstein have not only supported the Religious Freedom Center since its inception, they have inspired others to donate time and energy to the cause of promoting religious liberty, religious literacy and civil discourse. This new pledge affirms what has been achieved to date — and provides a strong foundation for expanding the Center’s education initiatives going forward.”

The Andrew and Julie Klingenstein Family Fund’s gift helps the Religious Freedom Center expand its education offerings to reach broader audiences. Some exciting new initiatives include seminars and training for business executives, which covers religious inclusion and diversity in the workplace; an online professional development platform for educators, which helps teachers navigate religious liberty issues in the classroom; and intensive summer training programs for interns that examines the role of religion in public life. To find out more about these and other opportunities, please visit

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