Public Scholars Project

American Academy of Religion

The Public Scholars Project is a joint initiative of the American Academy of Religion and the Religious Freedom Center of the Freedom Forum Institute. Through seminars and other resources, the Public Scholars Project equips scholars of religion to effectively communicate in the public sphere and foster religious literacy.

Free Webinars

2020-2021 webinar schedule

Check back here for my information about upcoming webinars.

Presenters will be announced one month before each webinar. To receive information about upcoming webinars, please sign up for the Religious Freedom Center’s e-newsletter.

Media Literacy Training

In the following online and onsite programs of the Public Scholars Project, participants will receive media literacy training, designed to help them hone their skills at communicating with a variety of publics (e.g., fellow residents, the electorate, public officials, journalists) in a variety of settings (e.g., social media, news, public events, community gatherings). Modes of public engagement may include, but is not limited to, effective use of Social Media (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, blogs, LinkedIn) and Video & Audio (e.g., YouTube, podcasting), as well as engagement with Journalists (interviewing techniques for print, radio, television; writing op-eds and letters to the editor) and Community Groups (public officials and educational, civic, business, and religious groups). The following programs are designed to help AAR members cultivate their media literacy.

Project Designers

The Public Scholars Project is an initiative of the American Academy of Religion’s Committee on the Public Understanding of Religion.

Marion Pierre serves as the AAR staff liaison. The project leads for the Public Scholars Project are Evan Berry, assistant professor of environmental humanities and religious studies at Arizona State University, and Ben Marcus, religious literacy specialist at the Religious Freedom Center of the Freedom Forum.