Religious protections in the midst of a pandemic: Two key arguments


We can expect several more rulings soon in multiple pending cases before the court, all of them turning on one (or both) of two arguments: (1) general applicability; (2) hybrid rights.
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The politics of religious freedom – COVID-19 edition


Religious freedom — specifically, who gets it and how we define it — in recent years has been a hot topic in the U.S., and it continues to be in the midst of a global pandemic.
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Religious Freedom in the Time of COVID-19


Some churches agree that governments have power to restrict religious freedom during a global pandemic, but they’ve pushed for clarity and precision in the governments’ approach.
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Teacher-led Prayer: Unconstitutional but Appropriate?

Teacher Praying

Teachers should help students understand why religious freedom protections — like the prohibition against teacher-led prayer — benefit people of all religions and none.
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Protecting Religious Freedom Has a Domino Effect

Religion In Workplace

The recent death of a turbaned Sikh law enforcement officer sparks conversation over the fact that some members of minority religious communities are still forced to decide between serving their country and honoring their religious identities.
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Telescope Media Group v. Luthero: Federal appellate court weighs in on the religious liberty culture war

Religious Liberty

Courts are facing the thorny issue of balancing religious liberty and anti-discrimination laws and have to answer the question, do religious believers engaged in for-profit businesses have to produce goods and services that violate their deeply held religious beliefs?
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Back to School — And Religion Is on the Syllabus?


It may surprise some, but a significant majority of Americans — including public school teachers — say yes.
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‘In God We Trust’ in South Dakota Schools — and What Comes Next

School, Classroom

Students across the nation are heading back to school and for public school students in South Dakota, they will be greeted with prominent displays of “In God We Trust” inscribed on walls in stencil or paint.
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A Domestic Role for the U.S. Commission on Unalienable Rights

Human Rights

Commentators worry that the Commission on Unalienable Rights aims to redefine international human rights specifically in order to influence U.S. conceptions of rights.
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